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Residents of North America should obtain the EARDUCATOR™ model /6F with its universal power supply unit, from Walt Brockett, IDEA Inc. (our sole agent and sales/support representative for USA & Canada) at the Sales & Service Contact address given. Walt Brockett is also able to supply suitable headphones as required. Enquiries from practitioners in other countries should be directed to Hollagen Designs CC.


Genuine EARDUCATOR™ devices are produced only by Hollagen Designs CC, Cape Town, South Africa. In North America they are supplied only by our authorised distributor and service agent in North America: Walt Brockett at IDEA, Inc., North Haven, CT, USA.
For Scandinavia and Turkey, Lars Persson facilitates sales on our behalf.

Other organisations or individuals, who claim to be suppliers of the EARDUCATOR (or EARDUCATOR /6F), whether trading under names sounding like EARDUCATOR or other names, are not acting for the manufacturer, Hollagen Designs CC, and are not authorised to sell these devices. The Hollagen Designs after-sales service and warranty does not apply to devices obtained through such unauthorised outlets.

EARDUCATOR is a trade mark of Hollagen Designs CC and no other parties have been licensed or authorised to use the mark.


1. The EARDUCATOR and EARDUCATOR model /6F are available to qualified Berard AIT practitioners whose trainers have complied with the Berard AIT Instructors Policy. To verify if a trainer complies with this policy visit http://www.berardaitwebsite.com/Instructors.htm
2. The EARDUCATOR and EARDUCATOR model /6F are designed specifically for the purpose of Educational Auditory Integration Training according to the Bérard method and may only be used for this purpose. The statement below from Dr. Bérard concerns the correct application of his method:
"The use of my method of A.I.T. has led me to have made some specific devices, starting with the first one made in 1966, improved several times according to my findings for obtaining the best results on my clients, unto the last ones: Audiokinetron, then Earducator, and Earducator /6F.
These devices utilize compact disks that meet the criteria for effective AIT music for the input. The setting of the device is based on individual unique needs, which may include a listening test. Therefore, it is forbidden to sell CDs produced from the output of my devices since the individual needs may not be addressed appropriately.
3. Warranty and after-sales support apply only to instruments bought from official sources: Hollagen Designs CC or Walt Brockett, IDEA, Inc.
4. For countries other than USA and the Republic of South Africa, the buyer is responsible for all importing customs/clearance and other formalities & documentation.

Note: Hollagen Designs CC does not accept responsibility for incorrect information concerning the EARDUCATOR or EARDUCATOR model /6F, disseminated by unofficial sources, wherever published. We have made every effort to present accurate and up-to-date information on this site; if errors are found, please report them to the Web Master.


The EARDUCATOR™ model /6F is guaranteed by HOLLAGEN DESIGNS cc against defects in workmanship and materials for 24 months from date of sale. We will make good such defects free of labour and material charges provided that the supplied equipment has not been damaged or misused in any way, including connection to a power supply unit other than the one supplied by us, or operation of this power supply unit on mains voltage outside its rated input range of 90 to 264 volts ac 50/60Hz. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the EARDUCATOR or power supply unit. The warranty will be invalidated if the units are opened, or modification or repair attempted by unauthorized persons.
Wear and tear of external cables, and damage due to mishandling of the apparatus, are not covered by this warranty. The warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the product. In the event that return to sales/service agent is required, shipping & insurance charges shall be borne by purchaser.The liability of HOLLAGEN DESIGNS CC is limited to repair or replacement (at our option) of the equipment supplied by ourselves. No other warranty, expressed or implied, shall apply. We do not accept responsibility for any consequential or incidental loss or damages, howsoever caused. In the USA some states do not allow the exclusion or limit of incidental or consequential damage, so the above limitation or exclusions may not apply to you; you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


North America:
Walt Brockett
IDEA, Inc.
911 Thompson Street
North Haven, CT 06473, USA.
Telephone: (203) 234 7401
Fax: (203) 239 4348.
E-mail: ideawb@cshore.com

Hollagen Designs CC
P.O. Box 581,
Western Cape
South Africa
Telephone or Fax:+27 - 21 - 883 9159.
E-mail for sales enquiries: info@earducator.com



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