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09/03/2013: Peer-Reviewed Research Study Published in Autism Insights: Behavior Changes Related to Sensory Modulation. http://la-press.com/article.php?article_id=4089
Hearing Equals Behavior released in Spanish as an Ebook: Audicion Igual a Comportamiento: Revisado y ampliado. This e-book is available through e-book distributors including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, ebooks2go, Apple, etc.

16/01/2012: Unsung hero: Dr Guy Bérard, developer of a novel intervention
15/10/2011: Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded by Guy Bérard, MD and Sally Brockett, MS

NOTICE CONCERNING IABP (International Association of Berard Practitioners):

We have been informed that Dr. Bérard severed all ties with this organization in March 2003 and that the Board of Directors resigned shortly afterwards. This organization no longer exists. If practitioners have any information to the contrary, please contact us so that we can publish up-to-date and correct information.


With the development of the EARDUCATOR™ model /6F, USA practitioners no longer have to choose between using a device which has been banned by the FDA, and one which is not Bérard-approved. The EARDUCATOR /6F is used exclusively for the educational purposes of Bérard A.I.T., and therefore is not subject to FDA regulation. Only the EARDUCATOR, EARDUCATOR /6F and the AudioKinetron have been approved by Dr. Guy Bérard for application of his method.

The EARDUCATOR is not a copy of any previous device, but (together with the recent enhanced model /6F) is a completely new design, making use of the latest technological advances. Dr. Bérard has said that the EARDUCATOR better meets his requirements than any other device previously made.

The developer & manufacturer of the EARDUCATOR, Hollagen Designs CC, voluntarily submitted the device for independent evaluation by several different professionals before launching the international version, EARDUCATOR /6F.

  1. Dr Berard himself has tested the EARDUCATOR and has stated "its performances are superior to those of the AudioKinetron".
  2. Properly managed and controlled trials were done in three US centres to compare the two devices (AudioKinetron and EARDUCATOR). The results of this study showed equivalent benefits to the clients (a full report of this study can be found on the IDEA, Inc website).
  3. A technical evaluation was performed by Bill Clark (audio engineer familiar with the AudioKinetron and developer of the BGC device). Mr Clark determined that the filter accuracy was exceptionally good, dual mode triggering was effective, and modulation produced appropriate stimulation.
  4. The EARDUCATOR /6F is UL-approved for safety and meets FCC requirements for radio-frequency emissions.

    In addition to the above Hollagen Designs has received many positive anecdotal reports from practitioners.


    The Earducator /6F is now the only Berard approved device in production. Dr Berard has approved two devices: the AudioKinetron - which is no longer being made - and the Earducator. Dr Berard has been very positive about the Earducator and has stated that it meets his requirements for AIT better than the AudioKinetron. The clinical comparison study in 2001 conducted by Sally Brockett verified the Earducator's effectiveness. The study is available at www.IdeaTrainingCenter.com

    The Earducator incorporates a number of improvements compared with the AudioKinetron as indicated below:
    1. The Earducator is considerably more compact, portable, rugged and reliable.
    2. It is less than half the weight of the AudioKinetron.
    3. The Earducator filters function at the frequencies specified, within very close tolerances.
    4. A CD that can be used for checking the function of the filters is available with each Earducator
    5. The Earducator responds to a wider dynamic range of music levels than the AudioKinetron.
    6. In order to avoid unacceptable sound pressure levels, the Earducator is equipped with the additional feature of an attenuator switch, enabling the practitioner to prevent the average maximum output of the device from exceeding the accepted safe level (when standard headphones are used).
    7. The Earducator is equipped with dual output jacks that allow two headphones to be used without loss of output quality. If two listeners have exactly the same program and settings, this feature allows two listeners to use one device.
    8. The Earducator is supplied with a universal power unit, enabling operation on mains voltages from 100 to 240 volts ac 50/60Hz.

    The Earducator has been on sale in South Africa for more than 9 years, and was approved for international sale in 2001. It has established a reputation for reliability and effectiveness, and is now in use in more than 40 countries.

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