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In 1996 Hollagen Designs CC outlined a concept for a simple, compact and robust device to modulate recorded music for the application of Bérard Auditory Integration Training in South Africa. After intensive design and development effort based on new specifications provided by Dr. Guy Bérard, the first prototype EARDUCATOR was built in 1997, followed early in 1998 by improved versions. One of these was tested by Dr. Bérard and received his approval.

The development process continues as we seek to refine and improve the product. Early in 2000 Hollagen Designs was approached with a proposal to have an EARDUCATOR evaluated in the USA, with a view to possible marketing of a model there. Comparative studies of the AudioKinetron* and EARDUCATOR were then carried out in the USA. The results of these studies were favourable. (The report can be viewed at the IDEA, Inc. website.) As a result of the positive outcome of the evaluation, a new model with universal power supply unit, the EARDUCATOR model /6F, was developed by Hollagen Designs. This is UL approved. We were asked by Dr. Bérard in 2001 to make the device available internationally.

*Guy Berard EERS AudioKinetron, manufactured by SAPP, France.
EARDUCATOR is a trade mark of Hollagen Designs CC.


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