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Articles and Publications Relevant to Berard AIT

BOOK RELEASE: Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded by Guy BĂ©rard, MD and Sally Brockett, MS

The Berard AIT Website
An valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about Berard AIT.

Dr Berard's Own Website

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Berard´s Method Center of Scandinavia
http://www.berardsmethod.se (Swedish & English)
Berard AIT and Practitioner training in English, Deutsch and Francais.

Berard´s Method Center Antalya
www.berardmetodu.com (Turkish)
Berard AIT and Practitioner training in english, deutsch, francais, turkce (turkish) and a´Arabi (Arabic).

IDEA Training Center
Pages on this website contain information relating to: Berard AIT, attention deficit disorder, auditory processing disorder, auditory hypersensitivity, dyslexia, learning disabilities, sensory integration disorder, developmental disabilities, and AIT practitioner training.

Neocortex (Spanish)

Society for Auditory Intervention Techniques (SAIT)
The Society for Auditory Intervention Techniques (SAIT) is a non-profit organization and is located in Salem, Oregon. SAIT distributes information about auditory integration training (AIT) and other auditory-based interventions to professionals and parents.

Vega Kids (Spanish)

A useful resource for those who speak Spanish.

Is my trainer / practitioner offering genuine Berard AIT? How do I become an AIT practitioner?
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