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How do I verify that a program is truly Berard AIT?

Parents and professionals are often confused by the variety of sound-based programs, often referred to as Auditory Integration Training, that have been developed in the years after Berard AIT was introduced in the United States and elsewhere.

The following seven key features will identify authentic Berard Auditory Integration Training from other “Auditory Integration Training” programs.

1. The practitioner is trained by an approved-Berard AIT Instructor. Berard AIT Instructors are listed on this website under the AIT Instructors link and also on Dr. Berard’s website. For more details on Berard AIT Professional Practitioner training visit http://www.ideatrainingcenter.com/ .

2. The practitioner is using one of the Berard AIT approved devices: the Earducator™ or the Audiokinetron. These are the ONLY two devices currently approved by Dr. Berard.

3. The practitioner follows the Berard AIT protocol. Key guidelines for Berard AIT are provided at www.drguyberard.com.

4. Berard AIT Professional Practitioners use music tested and approved for his Auditory Integration Training program.

5. Berard AIT is provided personally by the Berard AIT Professional Practitioner, with the audio stimulation direct from the Berard AIT device. The modulation is NEVER provided by the CDs.

6. Berard AIT practitioners using the Earducator™ or Audiokinetron are listed on this site or Dr Berard's website.

7. Some practitioners use several devices so it is important to interview and specify that you want Berard AIT provided by the Earducator™ or the Audiokinetron.

If you are interested in more comprehensive information about Berard AIT, you may visit http://www.ideatrainingcenter.com/ to review the results, data and articles about AIT as it relates to sensory processing, education, and reading. There is also information about practitioner training, and the Earducator™, the newest Berard-approved device for Auditory Integration Training.

Parents outside the USA can also consult our list of Berard practitioners and the practitoner list on Dr Berard's website. If there is no practitioner near you please contact us at techsupport@earducator.com and we will put you in contact with practitioners known to us who are willing to travel to give Berard AIT to those who need it.


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