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Do you want to become a Berard AIT practitioner?

If you are a professional working with individuals with developmental disabilities or learning challenges, you may be qualified to become a Berard AIT Practitioner. Many parents have difficulty accessing Berard AIT because there are many areas around the world where there are no practitioners available. Individuals with special needs or learning problems need your help! Learn how to become a Berard AIT Practitioner so you can offer AIT as one of your professional services. 

The Berard method of AIT is the most well-researched and documented of all sound-based interventions. While there are a variety of sound programs available now, only Berard AIT has been proven to produce significant improvements with as few as 10 hours of listening. Many individuals are listening to sound-based programs for endless hours with minimal response. If you are currently using a sound-based program, you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference 10 hours of Berard AIT can make!

For more details on Berard AIT Professional Practitioner training in the USA please click here. Practitioners outside the USA can contact the trainers listed on our trainers page of this website. If there is no trainer near you please contact us at techsupport@earducator.com and we will direct you to trainers who are willing to travel locally and internationally to train new practitioners.

There is also a distance learning training package available. If you are interested in this option then please contact us.


For more information about Berard AIT related courses, contact Sally Brockett at IDEA Training Center, North Haven CT


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