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The EARDUCATOR™ music processing device at the heart of the system for Auditory Integration Training in the Bérard method, is simple to use, compact and light in weight. With its twin headphone sockets, two listeners (if their needs are identical) may hear the music at one time. If two headphones are used, they should be the same.
As it is only 24cm wide x 26cm long, it is normally possible to rest the device on top of a standard "carousel" or "shuttle" CD player which provides the music programme. (The user must take care that the CD player ventilation slots are not covered by the device or its cables). The audio input to the Earducator is usually connected to the stereo pair of output sockets at the rear of the CD player, typically marked "LINE OUT" (L & R).
The EARDUCATOR is approved by Dr. Guy Bérard for use in his AIT method, which has been applied for several years in many countries of the world. The device is available only to Bérard-certificated practitioners.

The EARDUCATOR™ model /6F is powered from ac mains supply through an approved high-quality power supply unit (which accepts mains input voltages ranging from 90v to 264v). The power supply unit is included in the price of the EARDUCATOR model /6F. The detachable mains cord assembly, similar to those used for desktop personal computers, needed for connecting the mains socket outlet to the power supply unit, is not always included, depending on the country of user. As mains supply socket outlet styles differ from one locality to another, the purchaser may be required to obtain the mains supply cord locally. (See Specifications)


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Front View
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The price of the EARDUCATOR model /6F with its power supply unit, does not include the headphones, which are listed separately, depending on the purchaser's location. To obtain maximum benefit from the dynamic range and spectrum of the processed audio signal, professional studio-quality headphones should be used with the EARDUCATOR: beyerdynamic DT-250 (80 ohm) model is recommended. In the USA Walt Brockett is able to supply beyerdynamic headphones. beyerdynamic sales or repair/service offices are located in Heilbronn (Germany), Farmingdale, NY (USA), Burgess Hill, Surrey (England) & Paris (France), and there are beyerdynamic representatives in other countries as well.

SPECIFICATIONS OF THE EARDUCATOR™ /6F   © 2002 - 2009 Hollagen Designs CC

Power Supply: The external power supply provided, allows the EARDUCATOR model /6F to operate on 47-63Hz ac mains voltages from min. 90 volts to max. 264 volts. The power supply requires a mains input cord, with plug to suit local mains socket outlets, similar to the type normally used for a desktop personal computer. It must be a 3-wire safety-approved power cord assembly with 18AWG conductors (in some countries at least 0,75 sq.mm).

Audio Input:
Rotary dial for input level adjustment. CD player audio signal is connected through 'AXR'/'XLR' compatible 3-pin socket on rear panel.

Rejection Filters:
1kHz, 1.5kHz, 2kHz, 3kHz, 4kHz, and 8kHz filters are built into the EARDUCATOR /6F. The device is capable of using up to 3 filters at once. Crystal stabilized technology assures dependable accuracy.

Output power & volume control:
Sufficient to drive two stereo headphones with impedance from 32 to 100 ohms. Digital volume control calibrated in ±1dB steps. A switchable attenuator is included to extend the useful range of the EARDUCATOR model /6F by approximately 8dB. When the attenuator is on, the maximum average SPL is about 85dB with the recommended headphones. However actual delivered sound pressure depends on headphones, CD, and CD player used.

Size & Weight:
Height 5.1” (13 cm), Width 9.5” (24 cm), Depth 10.2” (26 cm). Approx. mass of EARDUCATOR model /6F 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg). The power supply weighs an additional 13oz. (0.37 kg) approximately.

Operating Environment:
EARDUCATOR system should be operated in a protected environment: within ambient temperature range of 32 to 104 deg. F (0 to 40 deg. C) and relative humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing. Operating altitude 10,000 feet maximum (approx. 3049m). Check CD player documentation for other restrictions which may apply to player.

EARDUCATOR™ model /6F and power supply meet FCC requirements for emissions, and UL safety requirements (USA & Canada).

NOTICE: Specifications are subject to change without further notice. EARDUCATOR™ is a trade mark of Hollagen Designs CC. 'AXR'/'XLR' refers to styles, trade marks or registered trade marks of professional audio connector manufacturers (ITTCannon, Alcatel, Neutrik, and others).




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